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Customer engagement

Who are ATC’s customers?

While we work with the general public, landowners and other stakeholders on our projects, we do not directly serve the general public.

Our customers include:
  • local electric distribution companies, municipal utilities and cooperative utilities that procure primary network transmission service and are interconnected or plan on interconnecting to the ATC transmission system
  • local and national marketers, generators and utilities that procure primarily point-to-point transmission service
  • generators and other transmission systems that wish to interconnect with ATC’s transmission system
Our stakeholders include:
  • our customers, their retail and wholesale customers
  • state and federal regulators
  • state and federal agencies
  • independent power producers and their developers
  • landowners
  • general public

With all of our customers and their end-users, our priorities are to consistently and in a non-discriminatory manner:

  • serve the needs of our customers with expertise
  • conduct our business fairly and honestly
  • solicit a diversity of opinions to achieve better business results

Our customer engagement and interconnection solutions staff is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns. You can contact us at any time by emailing us at

Stay connected

In an effort to keep customers and stakeholders informed on key issues, please visit the what’s current page.

Business Practices

Each of the utilities involved in the formation of ATC contributed its own methods and standards of how work in the field was accomplished. ATC’s Business Practices describe how ATC and its interconnected customers deal with costs, roles and responsibilities for specific technical or business-related issues. They are created by soliciting input from internal and external stakeholders, while balancing the needs and concerns of ATC and its customers. They provide clear and consistent guidelines to allow ATC to provide timely, cost-effective and comparable service to all customers.