about ATC

Every minute of every day, we keep the power flowing. The safe and reliable operation of our system and energy of our people contribute to the vital connection between where power is generated and where it is needed. We are experts at what we do: planning, maintaining, operating and protecting the regional electric grid.

Since ATC was formed over two decades ago, the energy landscape has rapidly evolved. Our customers and other organization across the Upper Midwest are pursuing new energy policy goals that are affecting changes to generation sources. At the same time, we are developing efficiencies and technology that strengthen the grid during this transition to provide a safe and reliable pathway for all forms of power.

Our fast-paced and innovative environment offers employees exciting opportunities to build meaningful careers. We also invest in community and educational programs focused on science, technology, engineering and math to help empower youth with the skill sets needed for success in tomorrow’s energy sector.

In so many ways, ATC is proud to be energizing your future.


“It’s an exciting time to be at ATC. As the electric industry transitions toward more renewable sources of power, ATC employees play an even more critical role in keeping the power flowing. Our people’s commitment and expertise ensure the electric grid will continue to deliver energy to you safely, reliably and economically. That also means exciting opportunities for current and future employees to build meaningful careers with us.”

Lori Lorenz
Executive Vice President and Chief People and Customer Officer
2023 Summary Report
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