January 27, 2023

Is it a conductor or an insulator?

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Panthers mascot, Pounce, poses with school children who are playing a spin-the-wheel game
Students greet the Panthers mascot, Pounce, as they line up to spin the ATC “Conductor or insulator?” wheel.

As a presenting sponsor of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Panthers women’s basketball with our Steals for STEM program, ATC engaged in a fun STEM activity with elementary and middle schoolers at UWM’s ‘School Day’ game at the university’s Klotsche Center on Friday, Jan. 20.

Before the game, ATC employees invited children to play the “Conductor or insulator?” spin-the-wheel game. Presented with options like “steel paper clip” or “glass bottle,” students pondered their answers carefully, smiled and cheered when they answered correctly. Our employees explained how electricity flows more readily within conductors than insulators and provided a few actual pieces of electric transmission conductors and insulators for the kids to pick up for a real hands-on experience.

The enthusiastic crowd of 1,500 students and teachers from nine different Milwaukee schools later cheered the Panthers on as they secured a 72-60 win against Robert Morris University’s Colonials.