January 9, 2024

Bringing Math Hoops to life with the Bucks

Just a casual stroll off the court with Bucks Guard AJ Green at Math Hoops Live.

How do you make a board game come to life? If it’s Math Hoops, you enlist the help of Milwaukee Bucks players, local students and ATC Chair, President and CEO Teresa Mogensen.

Mogensen, students from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee and Bucks players AJ Green and Andre Jackson Jr. came together recently for a live version of Math Hoops. Bucks Math Hoops powered by ATC, is a fast-paced, basketball-based educational board game and mobile app that follows a 10-16-week curriculum designed to engage fourth through eighth grade students while developing fundamental math skills through the game of basketball.

“We’re excited to partner with the Milwaukee Bucks to bring the NBA Math Hoops program to Wisconsin students,” said Mogensen. “ATC wants to get young people excited about STEM opportunities in the energy industry and empower them with the skills they need to succeed. Math Hoops helps improve students’ fundamental math skills while playing a game and having fun. We think that’s a win for Wisconsin educators and students.”

During the Math Hoops Live event, students split into two teams and faced off to see who had the better math skills. Students then rolled the numbered dice, completed the basic math problems and directed AJ or Andre to the correct “answer” on the court to shoot a basket from. Watch the recap video here.

Free Math Hoops apps available

The NBA Math Hoops or NBA Math Hoops Skills + Drills mobile apps are free for anyone to play.

Educators/after-school coordinators can register anytime

Educators and after-school coordinators can register for virtual training sessions to gain free access to the NBA Math Hoops curriculum and program materials and learn best practices for implementing the game. To register for a session, visit www.nbamathhoops.com/training.