March 7, 2024

ATC employees share experiences on International Women’s Day

Today, ATC celebrates International Women’s Day. Every March 8, people worldwide celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about discrimination and take action to drive gender parity. At ATC, we’re committed to making every employee feel supported to do their best work and advance their career, regardless of gender. In recognition of today’s holiday, we’re highlighting several women at ATC who work to break barriers in our industry and inspire inclusion at our company. 

In 2023, ATC hired our first female President and CEO in our nearly 20-year history. Teresa Mogensen shared her experience with us on her journey to this role. 

“I love that I have the opportunity to deliver sustained value to our customers and stakeholders and employees through excellence in leadership in the CEO position. I’m pleased to be able to represent the hard work of all the women in the utility industry and similar industries. It’s good to break down perceptions of barriers to women that may still exist and to model success by getting things done. 

There were, and still are, not many women in electrical engineering, or in that part of the utility industry. Both a positive and a challenge to that was that you were noticed; you stood out. I was able to make that an opportunity, and to work as a team with others based on merit and mutual ability to contribute to a positive outcome. I hope for equal footing for all team members so that everyone can contribute and grow together. Together we are so much stronger and can do so much more than alone.” 

Teresa’s advice to future female leaders is to take every opportunity you can find to learn, grow, lead and show you can be depended upon to deliver results. She says delivering results and positive outcomes gets you noticed and gets you more opportunity. Speak up, take some calculated professional risks, listen to feedback and keep moving forward. 

Read on for quotes from additional ATC employees highlighting the incredible value of passionate and powerful women in our workplace and our world. 

“ATC provided me various engineering and leadership opportunities to learn and grow. The technical work is challenging and intriguing at the same time, and the support and collaboration with my ATC colleagues make the experience so rewarding.”

Joey, ATC employee 

“For me, inclusion in the workforce is about empowering women to be able to choose what they want to do or who they want to be and have a supportive community of other women rallying behind them. 

ATC has supported my career growth by encouraging movement between roles and finding something that’s a good fit as well as encouraging personal development whether it’s through courses, conferences or internal mentorship programs.  

My biggest hope for the future of the STEM field is that people (outside of this company and outside of our roles) truly start to see women for who we are – that it’s our accomplishments that have gotten us where we are. We are not diversity hires. We weren’t hired because of our looks. We’ve earned our place and we belong here.”

– Amy, ATC employee 

“I have been very lucky to have the direct supervisors that I had since I joined ATC in 2013. They have all believed in me and supported my short- and long-term goals. In addition to growing my job-related skills, they saw where I needed to grow in soft skills. From there, I was given the tools and resources I needed to move forward and excel. I would not be where I am today had I not listened to those who were thinking of my future and place at ATC.”

– Stephanie, ATC employee 

“Inclusion in the workforce for women (at ATC) means I can bring my whole, authentic self to the work I love to do. It means I have the freedom to innovate, am empowered to bring fresh ideas to the table and am comfortable challenging the status quo. I feel a sense of belonging and can unapologetically be myself. 

As women leaders, it is critical we pave the way for future women leaders. Time and time again, studies show that women excel in leadership roles, and our world (and workplaces) need strong leaders. Our workplaces benefit from women bringing their natural gifts of leadership, passion, enthusiasm and empathy.”

Lori Lorenz, Executive Vice President – Chief People and Customer Officer