March 8, 2023

ATC celebrates International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an annual holiday intended to celebrate the history and accomplishments of women as well as recognize the existence of inequity for women worldwide. At ATC, we strive to provide intentional resources and benefits to female employees that support their careers, personal life and passions. You can read more about the benefits we offer all employees by viewing our careers site. 

In acknowledgement of International Women’s Day, we’ve compiled quotes from three of the many female employees at ATC who serve as positive role models to women and girls everywhere. Read their stories below. 

“The reward of being a working mom is being able to lead by example. My kids get to see me as a professional – unafraid to take on challenges, speak, and be heard. When looking for a hero or someone to look up to, they don’t have to look outside of their home.” – Rita, ATC project specialist 

“Women are just as capable of holding science, technology, engineering and math positions as men and should not be shut out of these often higher-paying jobs. I can’t show enough appreciation for women who have blazed the trail before me and how they have made my time in STEM easier.” – Christine, ATC senior project manager 

“I started at ATC almost 17 years ago, unmarried and without children. Now as a mom of two boys, ATC continues to support me and enables me to grow my career. I continue to provide for my family, feeling challenged and valued as a woman (not just “mom”) in a fulfilling career with people that genuinely care about and advocate for my success.” – Marcia, ATC regional manager