American Transmission Co.

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Why we do it better

Construction planning accuracy

We pride ourselves on getting it right

Challenge us to compare “like projects,” and we will demonstrate that our costs are competitive with industry benchmarked margins. Our predictable construction cost performance is achieved through cost controls, purchasing strategies and benchmarking. Our cost estimate accuracy is better than the industry benchmark of 10 percent.

  • Our project cost estimates are on target. We have a track record for completing projects within 5 percent of the original estimate.
  • We partner with our construction contractors and vendors during the development phase of each project, drawing from their experience to help set predictable, reasonable and effective project costs.
  • We are continually improving. We have an internal team dedicated to evaluating our costs against industry benchmarks and identifying best practices and lessons learned.

Fluctuating commodity prices, state regulations, working across state lines, construction issues – we’ve become adept at successfully meeting these challenges, and more.