“Every employee at ATC is focused on delivering sustained value to our customers and stakeholders. We’re focused on energizing our culture so our people can do their best work. And we’re committed to excellent performance in carrying out all aspects of our business, so we’ll have the right grid and the right operations to energize your future.”

Teresa Mogensen
Chair, President and Chief Executive Officer

Behind the scenes of everyday life, our people are making sure you have electric power when you need it.

We provide the vital connection between where energy is generated to where it is needed. ATC protects and maintains the electric grid so you can flip on a light switch, do your schoolwork, see your patients or turn on your computer without giving it a second thought.

More than

5 million

electric consumers rely on ATC

In 2022, the duration and frequency of outages was at near

record lows


Storage as Transmission Only asset in the MISO footprint


“Everyday, we are taking the right steps to maintain a robust, stable and reliable electric grid during the ongoing energy transition, while also deploying new resources and technologies that provide electric stability and reliability for our customers and electric consumers.”

Tom Finco
Senior Vice President
Systems and Security Integration

energizing brainstems every day

ATC has supported STEM education for several years
through K-12 partnerships and college internships.

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“ATC’s future success relies on STEM education. We’re getting youth excited about opportunities at ATC like cybersecurity, electrical engineering, vegetation management and accounting. By partnering with schools and programs that advance STEM, we empower our future workforce with the skills necessary to succeed.”

Trevor Stiles
Director, Customer and Corporate Affairs


We work thoughtfully and carefully to balance regulatory requirements, control costs, serve our customers and reduce our environmental impacts.

Compliance and
impact reduction

Leading by using new and innovative approaches in complying with regulatory requirements, reducing environmental impacts, controlling costs, and serving our customers.


Providing employees and contractors with the tools to demonstrate our environmental commitment through education, training, community involvement, and stewardship.

Collaborative partnerships

Proactively working with regulators and stakeholders to identify opportunities for involvement and environmental enhancement.

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