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The people who help keep the lights on: Randy Pynenberg, Consultant System Protection Engineer

For Randy Pynenberg, consultant system protection engineer, mentorship and growth have helped to define his career with American Transmission Co. Pynenberg started building his career under a mentor. Now, years later, he is a mentor and teacher to newer engineers.

“There is plenty of opportunity for growth at ATC,” said Pynenberg. “Over the years, I’ve had promotions and have been able to take on more and more responsibility in seeing a variety of projects and providing some training to some younger engineers.”

Pynenberg says he is glad that his day-to-day work makes a positive difference in people’s lives.

“The work is extremely rewarding. We’re in the business of keeping the lights on. On occasion, you’re reflecting on what you’re doing and you do get that sense of performing important work. It’s satisfying,” he said.

He says he knows his colleagues are also very passionate about their roles in helping to power businesses, farms, factories, hospitals, homes and more.

“The people here are great. Everybody is willing to help and work toward the common goal that we have here.”

Pynenberg says he appreciates ATC’s comprehensive benefits and the positive energy of his colleagues. He also says he’s proud to work for a company with a reputation as a top workplace.

“The company truly does care about its employees. The bottom line is that American Transmission Co. does take care of its people,” he said. “ATC is a company that you can start your career with and end your career with.”

If you are interested in working with Pynenberg and other engineers at ATC, check out our careers page to search open positions.