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The people who help keep the lights on: Crystal Koles, Consultant Environmental Project Manager

Consultant Environmental Project Manager Crystal Koles says she was initially drawn to American Transmission Co. because the company’s values align with her own.

“ATC has a very strong environmental commitment. That was important to me. I needed to work for a company that really did what they said they were going to do in terms of environmental protection,” Koles said.

After more than 10 years with ATC, she says she’s proud to work for a company that cares. In her role, Koles helps ATC protect the environment as ATC plans, builds and maintains the electric transmission grid. She spends time in the field to ensure that compatible plants are growing and the environment is healthy in ATC’s rights-of-way.

“The field is really where my heart lies. I love going out, especially post-construction. How does that right-of-way look when we’re done? How does that substation look?” she said. “A lot of times, I think it looks better post-construction.”

In addition to environmental responsibility, community involvement is also very important to Koles. She volunteers regularly with Service League of Green Bay to help children in need.

“ATC has supported that organization financially through our corporate giving program and, perhaps even more importantly, is the time,” Koles said. “ATC offers time off to our employees and encourages our community participation.”

Koles says her success at ATC is derived, in part, from the flexibility offered for community and family involvement.

“When it comes to work-life balance, ATC definitely walks the talk,” she said. “I am able to be with my family when I need to be, when I want to be. I have the flexibility, and I can still perform well in my job. That is a huge part of my job satisfaction.”

As for what’s next, Koles says she sees herself with ATC for the rest of her career.

“I think that there are opportunities for me, there’s growth potential for me. I’ve been here for 10 years and loving my job, and I don’t see any dead-ends or glass ceilings.”

If you are interested in joining Koles and the rest of the ATC team, browse our open positions.

The people who help keep the lights on: Crystal Koles, Consultant Environmental Project Manager