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Spring cleaning in the transmission line rights-of-way

With the weather turning warmer and many of us remaining safer at home, spring cleaning activities have likely begun.

ATC has our own version of spring cleaning, but due to the nature of the work and materials we use, we call it “fair-weather line maintenance” – mostly because some of our inspection and maintenance activities are weather dependent.

Each spring, ATC contractors will climb, scrape and re-paint various transmission structures. Others hand-excavate around steel and wood bases of the poles to check for and treat corrosion or decay. Others check and repair any cracking or deteriorating concrete footers.

All of these annual efforts help ensure the safety and reliability of the transmission system. Safety is always a priority at ATC, and our field workers and contractors continue to follow the COVID-19 safe distancing practices ordered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state public health guidelines.

Thanks to the efforts of these ATC contractors, along with our employees in the operations centers and the field, we’re helping to keep the lights on for you.