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Seed mixes benefit pollinators

Low-growing perennial forbs and grasses can grow and thrive within transmission line rights-of-way. Following transmission line construction in designated areas, ATC works with our environmental contractors to plant seed mixes that generate vegetation that is compatible with the rights-of-way and also benefits pollinators.

In partnership with horticulturist and gardening expert Melinda Myers, we’ve put together two guides to identify vegetation that is similar to what we plant in our rights-of-way. The plants in these guides have deep root systems that will beautify your property and help attract bees, butterflies and birds. Sustainable rights-of-way with compatible plant communities such as the ones we suggest also can help ATC’s cyclical vegetation management program, which is needed to help keep the lines safe and reliable.

View or print the Grow Smart® Planting Guide or Grow Smart® Pollinator Guide at