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Paying it forward: ATC shares face coverings with local organizations in need

Though dealing with COVID-19 has its challenges, acts of generosity and kindness can be found all around us. To support American Transmission Co.’s essential work during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems donated 900 first-class industrial face coverings to us. Since ATC already had an ample supply of face coverings, we decided to pay it forward and donate them to organizations in our service area who needed them.

Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems President and CEO said, “As we are fully aware how this pandemic can affect business operation and everyday lives of the citizens in North America, we would like to offer a small donation of disposable respirators to become part of supporting your company and community.”

ATC chose organizations that were either actively looking or that our employees recommended to receive the face covering donations. With the spread of the virus escalating in our service area, and recent local orders and ordinances making wearing face coverings mandatory, the donations were more than welcome.

We are grateful to Hyundai Electric and have donated the face coverings to the following organizations:

It is our hope that these donations help these organizations in their efforts to continue serving the community safely during the pandemic.