Energizing Your Future

Milwaukee Bucks, ATC commit additional 573 trees to Wisconsin schools

The Milwaukee Bucks wrapped up the 2018-19 regular season Wednesday night. The incredible success they’ve had the entire season launches them into the playoffs – but we’re still reminiscing about the regular season, when they scored a record 573 3-point shots. Hands down (but arms up) … this record is for the books.

What makes it even more so, is that the Trees for Threes partnership we have with the Bucks is a reflection of our commitment to the environment – they score a 3-point shot at home, and another tree gets planted. After three seasons, those numbers are starting to add up: 355 in 2016-17; 343 in 2017-18 and this season – 573 trees.

That means by this fall, there will be 1,271 more trees in Wisconsin communities and schools than there were three years ago.

More trees, more green space and a better environment: we’re convinced THAT is something we can all cheer for.