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Helping protect raptors

Raptor Month celebrates various birds of prey. From barred owls and bald eagles to peregrine falcons and northern harriers, our service area is home to nearly 15 raptor species.

All raptors have a few of the same defining features that make them strong, fast, and frightening to their prey:

  • Sharp, hooked beak that has evolved over time for tearing apart prey like small animals, mice, and insects.
  • Large, sharp talons on their feet they use to scoop up and carry their prey.
  • Keenest eyesight in nature due to their eyeball size and eye muscles designed for rapid focus while chasing their fast-moving targets.

ATC’s Avian Protection Program is part of our commitment to environmental stewardship and ensuring electrical reliability. We protect birds by:

  • Ensuring new electric facilities are designed to avian-safe guidelines.
    • ATC uses a comprehensive resource for planning appropriate protection measure for work and projects on our system.
  • Providing safe nesting locations throughout our system.
    • We maintain more than 200 nesting platforms used by osprey, bald eagles and other large birds.
    • We worked with Green Bay’s Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary to install nesting boxes for American Kestrels, North America’s smallest falcon.
  • Installing bird diverters and perch guards to prevent birds from becoming injured by transmission lines or structures.
  • Working with various stakeholders to enhance habitat that benefits a wide range of wildlife, including birds.