Energizing Your Future

Happy National Pollinator Week!

American Transmission Co. is celebrating birds, butterflies and bees this week – June 19-25 is National Pollinator Week!

Helping pollinators is part of ATC’s GrowSmart® program, which helps property owners and communities identify low-growing, beautiful, compatible vegetation that can be planted the smart way – a safe distance from transmission line rights-of-way.

ATC also works with its construction contractors to plant seed mixes in our transmission line rights-of-way that generate beautiful vegetation beneficial to many species of pollinators.

One such right-of-way is at the Mequon Nature Preserve, where ATC provided funding for seed mixes beneficial to pollinators. Check out our gallery below from the June 13 planting event.

ATC has developed enhanced seed mixes to use in our rights-of-way that include plants that flower throughout the growing season. Longer flowering periods allow pollinators to benefit from nectar sources over a longer time span. Pollinators play an important role in contributing to our food security and healthy ecosystems by helping plants flower and reproduce.

If you’re interested in attracting pollinators to your own garden, check out ATC’s GrowSmart® Pollinator Guide that we created in partnership with horticulturist and gardening expert Melinda Myers.