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Dancing Goat Distillery donates hand sanitizer to ATC

American Transmission Co. received a five-gallon donation of hand sanitizer from Dancing Goat Distillery in Cambridge, Wis., to keep our employees safe while we help keep the lights on during the COVID-19 pandemic. While most ATC employees are working safely from home, we maintain essential staff in our facilities to safely and reliably operate and maintain the transmission system.

On March 20, the distillery began producing sanitizer as a result of a waiver issued by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau under guidance of the Food and Drug Administration. A week prior, they had stopped production of their signature products, Limousin Rye Whiskey, Trials and Tribulations Vodka and Death’s Door Gin, to allow their employees to remain safer at home. The small family-owned company was equipped as an ethanol plant to easily transition to produce sanitizer with the addition of a couple of new ingredients.

“We are putting all of our resources into hand sanitizer production, distilling for the alcohol to make it literally around the clock,” said Dancing Goat’s Nicholas Maas, “and processing and packaging.” Maas is working every day, including weekends, along with Beau Bunce, director of marketing, monitoring compliance, and one additional employee per day working to process sanitizer and monitor the stills. They work within Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for social distancing, sanitizing and hygiene. “It is very challenging working with low bodies. All you want to do is high-five someone,” Maas said.

To date, Dancing Goat has produced 6,000 gallons of hand sanitizer, and expects to make more than 20,000 before the market stabilizes. They have donated more than one thousand gallons of the sanitizer to first responders and essential workers so far and sell it at cost to larger organizations such as hospitals to keep the donation program going.

ATC is grateful to Dancing Goat for their generous donation of sanitizer so we can focus on staying safe and making sure the electric transmission system keeps running.

First responder or health care organizations can request sanitizer from Dancing Goat Distillery. Visit their website for contact information. If you want to support the company, you can buy their products in stores across Wisconsin.