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Crews create nesting beds for turtles during ROW restoration

Wisconsin turtle species have a better chance of finding suitable habitat this summer thanks to some new nesting beds in the North Appleton-Morgan Transmission Line Project corridor. Landowners along the North Branch Pensaukee River allowed us, along with M.J. Electric crews and staff from GEI Consultants, to establish the beds made from fine- to medium-grained local sands on their property. The beds are surrounded by a small amount of vegetation to prevent erosion.

“When you have the right habitat, a species in need, available resources and a willing landowner, projects like this just make sense and are in line with ATC’s commitment to the environment” explained Michelle Stokes, manager, environmental.

Some of the species that will benefit include wood, snapping, painted and Blanding’s turtles. When conditions present, ATC has created turtle nesting habitat on other projects with willing landowners.

Construction of the North Appleton-Morgan transmission line is about 78 percent complete.