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ATC, Milwaukee Bucks tip off fourth season of Trees for Threes

There’s good news for Wisconsin schools today.

American Transmission Co. and the Milwaukee Bucks have announced our fourth season of partnership for the Trees for Threes program, which is deeply rooted in care for the environment and cause for the community.

Here’s how it works: for every 3-point shot that the Bucks score at home during the 2019-2020 season, an eligible Wisconsin school can earn a tree. That 3-point score tracker starts its uptick on Saturday, Oct. 26 with the Bucks’ season opener against the Miami Heat at Fiserv.Forum in Milwaukee.

“We support initiatives that create a positive impact on the environment, education, and health and well-being,” said ATC’s Director of Corporate Communications, Anne Spaltholz. “Planting trees can be a valuable lesson for students. We hope the Bucks score hundreds more trees for area schools this season so that we can help create greener environments for years to come.”

Last year ATC donated 573 trees to more than 100 schools across Wisconsin, the fourth most threes made by any team at home in NBA history. Throughout the course of this partnership, ATC has donated more than 1,270 trees to make Wisconsin communities and schools a greener place.

Anticipating another big season, we think all those trees (and 3’s) are truly something to cheer about.

Click here to learn more information about the program, and to register.

Check out the photos from past planting events in the image gallery below.