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ATC helps Pittsville and Waupaca replace trees lost in 2019 storms

In July 2019, a series of severe storms tore through central and northern Wisconsin, causing Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers to declare a state of emergency. The “derecho” – a rare storm that walls of wind that streak hundreds of miles at high speeds – toppled trees throughout the region.

Two central Wisconsin cities were  both impacted by the storms, but with the help of American Transmission Co.’s Community Planting Program they were able to replace some of the trees they lost.

Both cities received grants of more than $1,000 to replace trees. The city of Pittsville planted several elm, swamp white oak, tamarack and hackberry. The city of Waupaca planted 14 trees – a mix of maple, swamp white oaks, planetrees, snowcap Japanese lilacs and boulevard lindens.

All trees were planted a safe distance from utility lines to support the safety and reliability of the electric system. The different tree species also help increase each city’s tree diversity, along with providing shade and additional natural beauty to the communities.

ATC’s Community Planting Program enables us to encourage and support communities to plant trees and vegetation that beautify the landscape in a way that doesn’t compromise the safety and reliability of the electric transmission system.

The Program provides financial support to eligible cities, villages, towns, counties and tribes in ATC’s service area for planting projects on public property, outside transmission line rights-of-way. Program funds can be used to plant trees and other tall-growing vegetation. Since 2013, ATC has awarded approximately 240 communities and organizations with funds totaling more than $425,000.

Community Planting Program applications are currently being accepted through Sept. 30, 2020. Recipients will be selected by the end of the year. Additional information can be found at