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ATC helps ospreys take flight with nesting platforms

Photo Courtesy of The Feather Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center

Nesting platforms provide a safe place to perch, and ospreys in central Wisconsin have a new place to do just that. American Transmission Co. recently donated two osprey platforms to The Feather Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center in New London, Wis.

“We are happy to partner with The Feather Wildlife Rehabilitation Center because we care, and because we are committed to environmental leadership in all aspects of our business,” said Michelle Stokes, ATC environmental manager. “These platforms protect the ospreys and promote continued recovery of the species. They also enhance the reliability of the electric transmission system by offering the birds a safe place to nest.”

The platforms are part of ATC’s avian protection program. ATC supports sustainable environmental policies and actions. During facility siting and design, ATC identifies areas of heavy avian use and evaluates measures to mitigate potential avian impacts. ATC also installs flight diverters and perch guards to prevent birds from becoming injured by transmission lines or structures.

Across ATC’s service area, we have installed more than 100 osprey nesting platforms on or adjacent to transmission structures. The platforms support successful breeding of this once-declining species.