Energizing Your Future

ATC expects 50% of power it transmits will be carbon neutral by 2029

At American Transmission Co., we care about the customers and communities we serve. Our most recent environmental, social and governance report, available on our website, describes how we are working to connect the people and businesses in our service area with a more sustainable energy future.

The pace of change in our industry is accelerating, and the transition to renewable energy is occurring rapidly. States and utilities are setting ambitious renewable energy and carbon reduction goals. As a transmission company, we do not drive energy generation goals, but our network will help connect people to a sustainable energy future. By 2029, we expect more than 50% of the power we transmit will come from carbon neutral energy sources.

As a transmission-only company, we know the transmission system is the vital connection between renewable energy producers and electric consumers. As our region continues to move to renewable sources – like wind and solar – our employees are working hard to ensure consumers receive that energy in a timely and reliable manner.

Our ESG report also describes our commitment to the environment and how we invest in our employees and the communities we serve. This includes reducing the impact that construction, operations and facility maintenance has on the environment and pursuing opportunities to promote healthy ecosystems. It also features some of the ways we help support and develop employees, as well as give back to our communities through donations and volunteerism. Visit our website to learn more about our efforts.