Energizing Your Future

ATC employees help Fairview School with STEM projects

American Transmission Co. employee volunteers recently worked with students at Fairview School in Milwaukee Public Schools on two science technology engineering and math projects. Employees volunteered in the classroom and ATC provided supplies to support the projects during an ATC STEM Day of Caring.

Fairview students in grades two through four designed and built carriers that each hold a raw egg. The assignment was to make a carrier that could keep the egg intact when it was dropped two stories. ATC volunteers helped them design and build the project. On testing day, most eggs survived the fall while the excited students watched from the ground as each project was dropped. A few eggs even rolled out of their containers!

Seventh grade students designed blades for a wind turbine and tested them. ATC volunteers with engineering skills provided feedback while students researched their designs and helped some students start the building process. Each team prepared two designs, one for speed and one for torque.

“I think overall as students worked in teams to design and test solutions, they were empowered to develop solutions to problems in real time. They also had to focus on skills like collaboration, critical thinking and communication to create a successful prototype,” said Fairview teacher, Jason Floyd.

Our volunteers were impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of the students. They were exploring different materials and experimenting with different techniques. And best of all, they were learning and applying their skills in new ways.

We are so grateful for our time spent sharing STEM ideas with Fairview students. We learn from them at least as much as they learn from us.