Energizing Your Future

2020 Annual Report to the Community highlights our commitment to a sustainable energy future

At American Transmission Co., we are connecting people and communities with a sustainable energy future. Each year we publish an annual report to summarize highlights and provide a look into what we see for the future. This year we are combining our annual and environmental, social and governance reports into one summary document.

Our 2020 Report to the Community, available on our website, describes the industry’s rapid transition to a greater use of renewable energy resources and how we are working to connect the people and businesses in our service area with a sustainable energy future.

As a transmission company, we do not drive energy generation goals, but our system is the vital connection between renewable energy producers and electric consumers. As our service area continues to integrate more renewable sources – like wind and solar – we are working hard to ensure consumers receive that energy in a timely and reliable manner.

The report also describes our commitment to the environment, our communities, and protecting people and the electric grid during COVID-19. We care about the world we live in and strive to reduce the impact that construction, operation, and maintenance of our facilities has on the environment and pursue opportunities to promote sustainable, healthy ecosystems. We also care about the communities we serve and give back by donating our resources and time. We hope you’ll take the time to learn what we’ve been up to.