Energizing Your Future

Driving innovation

Solo-Driver™ is driving innovation in electric transmission structure foundation installation for 69,000 and 138,000-volt systems, and is just one example of how American Transmission Co.’s expertise makes us a trusted transmission partner for public power.

Since beginning operations 2001 as the nation’s first multi-state, transmission-only utility, ATC has emerged as an industry leader in transmission. We have a proven track record of innovation and technical proficiency. For example, we have broad experience building, maintaining and operating 69,000-volt systems as part of the electric transmission grid. We also implemented the first HVDC back-to-back flow-control device in the nation, a technology that is finding numerous applications across the country. Solo-Driver is just the most recent example of our cutting-edge expertise.

If you would like to learn more about how you might benefit from owning transmission, we welcome a planning discussion to understand your needs and identify how a partnership might benefit your members.

Solo-Driver™ | An innovation of American Transmission Co.