Energizing Your Future

An experienced guide keeps the whole team moving in the right direction

Experience matters.

Especially when it comes to electric power transmission. At American Transmission Co., electric transmission is what we do — all day, every day. Add in the fact that 22 of our 26 owners come from municipal and cooperative utilities, and it’s little wonder that we’re a recognized leader among public power utilities.

Of course, we’re also well-versed in handling a wide range of challenges in security and compliance. Some utilities may wonder if they are giving security and compliance the necessary attention and resources. For some, even the required initial assessment and process of putting together a plan to identify and implement appropriate mitigations in order to be compliant can be a daunting task. It’s expensive, extensive, and for many with limited personnel experienced in the area, the process is unfamiliar.

That’s just one of the many reasons to partner with ATC. We have an experienced team dedicated to incorporating security and compliance in all areas of transmission. But beyond that, we also bring a comprehensive set of services and years of experience managing complexities of transmission development and operation. With more than 80 major projects under our belt, ATC offers a proven track record in getting projects planned, sited, approved and built.

So if you’re looking to develop transmission, maintain aging assets or navigate complex compliance requirements, ATC is an experienced partner you can rely on to help navigate even the roughest of waters.