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Protection and construction practices

Environmental protection built into construction practices

Balancing our responsibility to improve electric system reliability with our environmental responsibilities in planning and construction is critical, and we have developed practices that provide guidance for construction work: avoidance, protection and restoration.

Throughout the planning, route selection and construction phases of a transmission project – and with the assistance of our environmental management system – we seek and identify solutions to potential environmental impacts. Early in a project, we collaborate with regulatory agencies, landowners, communities and other potentially affected stakeholders to identify and understand possible areas of concern. We believe the involvement of a diverse group early on results in a more thoughtful and acceptable project, with appropriate consideration for environmental impact avoidance and protection.

ATC developed a new, patent-pending method for installing transmission pole foundations using a vibratory hammer that is kind to the environment. ATC’s Solo-Driver™ results in no soil displacement, requires much less overhead clearance, uses lighter equipment and results in minimal restoration needs.