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Teaming up for STEM

University of Wisconsin women’s sports partnership highlights STEM education and careers

ATC is partnering with University of Wisconsin-Madison, UW-Green Bay and UW-Milwaukee women’s sports to highlight STEM education and careers. Our partnerships with women’s Badger, Phoenix and Panther volleyball and basketball bring greater focus to STEM opportunities at our company.  

ATC has been supporting science, technology, engineering and math education for several years through K-12 partnerships and college internships. Our partner schools offer STEM education in areas where ATC hires employees, like cybersecurity, electrical engineering and accounting. These partnerships are a great opportunity for ATC to widen our career net and empower our future workforce with the skills necessary to succeed. 

Fans of UW women’s college sports can look for ATC’s presence at Badgers, Phoenix and Panthers home games. 

Join us in cheering on the Badgers, Phoenix and Panthers and raising awareness of STEM career opportunities.

Are you interested in a STEM career opportunity at ATC? Check out our careers page.

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