Energizing Your Future

Why we do it better

Transmission experts

We provide value to our partners through unparalleled success in planning, siting, building and operating electric transmission. With more than 80 transmission projects under our belt, we have the experience to help partners identify how transmission can enhance operations, no matter the size.

We work to minimize our costs and develop projects that solve multiple system issues. We involve stakeholders from inception to completion, and our success working with communities, public officials and other stakeholders in highly challenging regulatory environments reflects the effectiveness of our approach.

Best in class
  • Top performer in line reliability, ranking in the 2nd Quartile for both 69-kV and 100-161kV circuits, and best in class for 345- to 500-kV circuits in an industry reliability benchmarking study. (NATF Benchmarking Study, 2018)
  • Five-year average reliability rated in the top quartile for 69- to 199-kV and top decile on 200-kV and above (NATF Reliability Report, 2018)
The proven industry leader
  • 80+ major projects successfully permitted — long and short lines, urban and rural construction, crossing state lines
  • Invested to improve the adequacy and reliability of our system, and currently own $5 billion in assets, including more than 9,890 miles of transmission lines and 568 substations
  • Upgraded more than 2,260 miles of transmission lines, built more than 710 miles of new lines and improved more than 210 substations
Operational excellence
  • Experience in the complexity of managing transmission assets, which eases or eliminates the burden of compliance (NERC, physical security, cybersecurity) for our members and partners
  • Extensive experience working with Independent System Operators (ISO) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) across the nation
  • Operate two fully redundant system operations centers safely and reliably, every minute of every day
 Financial strength
  • History of steady and strong earnings growth
  • Solid balance sheet and an ability to generate consistently strong cash flows year after year, increasing owner value
  • FERC-regulated with a formula-driven rate structure, operating in a constructive regulatory environment
  • High-quality, investment-grade debt ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s ensuring continued access to financially viable lending options