Energizing Your Future

Why we do it better

Expert planners and managers

When starting a new project, we build upon three critical foundations – rigorous planning, comprehensive engineering and collaborating with all stakeholders. We’ve developed a disciplined approach that maximizes efficiencies, manages costs and develops and builds upon successful partnerships.

Mastering the economics of transmission planning

We study projects for reliability, economics and public policy benefits to provide electrical solutions that support the need to prudently expand the grid. We were awarded three of MISO’s 17 multi-value projects and were the first in MISO to plan and build a transmission line based on economic need.

  • Experienced in using the latest industry tools including PROMOD, GRIDVIEW, PSSE and PSLF
  • Study projects that serve multiple purposes, reduce overall costs
We pride ourselves on getting it right

Our project cost estimates are on target. Our cost controls, purchasing and benchmarking strategies result in construction cost estimate accuracy that consistently beats the industry standard of 10 percent of the estimate.

Our innovative alliance partnerships and stakeholder collaboration in regional projects make efficient use of human and material resources. We partner with our construction contractors and vendors during the development phase of each project, drawing from their experience to help set predictable, reasonable and effective project costs.