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ATC Powercast

ATC Powercast features short videos about key projects, corporate values and proper safety practices around transmission lines.


American Transmission Co. is driving improvements in transmission line construction. Solo-Driver™ is a new, patent-pending method for installing foundations that is faster, more economical and more environmentally friendly than traditional installation methods.

Partnering with public power

ATC has provided a pathway for power in communities throughout the Midwest since 2001, and many of those communities are served by cooperative and municipal utility companies. Hear representatives from ATC's municipal and cooperative utility member/owner companies discuss their experiences working with ATC.

ATC Vegetation Management Program

ATC’s vegetation mangement program works to balance its obligation to operate its facilities safely and reliably with its commitment to being a respectful neighbor.

How transmission works

Have you ever wondered how electricity gets from where it’s made to where it’s used? This short video explains how.

Why put that transmission line there?

Learn how route options are determined for transmission line projects.

Rockdale-West Middleton Yahara wetlands construction

ATC demonstrated its commitment to innovation and the environment with its work in the Yahara wetlands.

What do transmission lines look like?

Learn more about the different types of structures in the ATC system.