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Vegetation management in Illinois

ATC recognizes that non-emergency utility vegetation management work such as pruning and removals, mowing, herbicide applications and inspections may cause concerns for property owners in ATC’s Illinois service area. Under Illinois Commerce Commission requirements, ATC has developed the following dispute resolution process to allow landowners to discuss their concerns and/or to appeal the work plan.

Contact ATC at (866) 899-3204.
If work is scheduled on your property and you have objections or concerns, call ATC and ask to speak to an ATC representative who can discuss your vegetation management concerns with you. The representative will review your dispute and respond in a timely manner. You are also welcome to call ATC after the vegetation work is completed on your property to provide feedback or share concerns. ATC also can be reached by email at

An ATC representative will respond to your concerns.
Your concerns related to the scheduled vegetation management work will be discussed with you and evaluated to explore possible resolutions. The ATC representative will visit your property if necessary to review the planned work and the specific issues related to your property. The ATC representative may:

  • Authorize a grace period to give a landowner time to move incompatible vegetation to a location outside the easement strip. The landowner needs to sign a tree relocation agreement and is responsible for any costs associated with relocating vegetation.
  • Consider an exception to the easement rights for allowable compatible vegetation that meets certain criteria.
  • Discuss options for site clean-up and restoration if applicable

Your dispute or objection may also be referred to an internal management team for further review and resolution. For more information, please review ATC’s Dispute Resolution Disclosure.

The Illinois Commerce Commission may review your dispute.
In situations where a landowner is not satisfied with ATC’s response, the Consumer Affairs Office of the Illinois Commerce Commission can be reached at (800) 524-0795 or by filing a complaint online.

Upcoming work
A map of ATC’s planned vegetation management work for January 2023 can be viewed here.