Energizing Your Future

Moving energy into the future

In the past decade, the approach to constructing, maintaining and managing energy transmission has undergone significant changes that better serve electric customers.

While reliability remains the priority, it is not the only issue driving the need for investment in electric transmission system infrastructure.

Transmission is a good value for electric customers. Costs within our service area remain less than 10 percent of a retail customer’s electric bill. Transmission development increases access to lower cost sources of power by easing congestion on the grid.

Learn how our lines efficiently move power from where it's made to where it's needed.

Learn how regional grid operator MISO meets the electric needs of more than 40 million people.

Learn more about how new transmission lines can enhance grid performance.

Learn how we're putting wind on the wires.

Learn how electric transmission provides value to communities and electric consumers.

Learn how the grid moves large amounts of power across long distances.