Energizing Your Future

Delivering renewable energy

How Transmission Works

Electricity is generated at various kinds of power plants, wind and solar farms by utilities and independent power producers.


The vital link between power production and power usage, transmission lines carry electricity at high voltages over long distances from power plants to communities. This is what ATC does.


Electricity from transmission lines is reduced to lower voltages at substation. Distribution companies then bring the power to your workplace and home.

Power lines bring renewable energy into communities

Demand for renewable power is growing. Policy changes have required utilities to produce or purchase a greater portion of their electricity from renewable energy sources. Some of these requirements represent dramatic increases over prior standards and will, by necessity, require expanded transmission line capacity across the Midwest region.

Midwestern states’ renewable electricity requirements

Wisconsin10% by 2015
Illinois25% by 2025
Minnesota25% by 2025
Missouri15% by 2021
Iowa105 megawatts