Energizing Your Future

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ATC provides electric transmission service in an area from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, throughout the eastern half of Wisconsin and into portions of Illinois. Our more than 9,890 miles of high-voltage transmission lines and 568 substations provide communities with access to local and regional energy sources.

Our mission is to provide reliable electric transmission service to these customers. As a public utility whose infrastructure serves as the link in transporting electricity to millions of electricity users, ATC has duties and responsibilities to:

  • operate the transmission system reliably
  • assess the ability of the system to adequately meet current and future needs
  • plan system upgrades to meet those needs in the most efficient, effective and economic ways
  • construct upgrades in time to meet those needs
  • maintain the transmission equipment and surroundings to minimize opportunity for failures

Here you can find more information about transmission, electric reliability, renewable energy, vegetation management, our Grow Smart and community planting programs, facility relocation and PowerForward.