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Andy Dolan

Vice President, System Planning
American Transmission Co.

Andy Dolan is vice president of system planning for American Transmission Co., responsible for reliability, interconnection, economic and strategic planning of ATC’s transmission system. Prior to this position, Dolan served as ATC’s director of reliability planning and was responsible for reliability planning and interconnection studies.

Dolan has been with ATC since it began in 2001. He was one of the founding employees and participated in the ATC formation process as part of the planning, engineering and maintenance working group. He has held several positions within ATC, including assistant manager of maintenance and commissioning, responsible for maintenance work plans and budgets and commissioning of ATC construction projects; manager of engineering and construction services, responsible for engineering standards; and manager of asset planning and engineering, responsible for engineering standards and ATC’s asset management methodology.

Prior to joining ATC, Dolan worked at Wisconsin Electric Power Company (now We Energies), and held engineering positions in transmission maintenance, substation standards, substation and power plant commissioning and construction.

Dolan holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Marquette University, and is a registered professional engineer in Wisconsin.