American Transmission Co.

Helping to keep the lights on, businesses running and communities strong®

Our workplace culture

Our workplace culture can best be summarized as one team — connected by purpose, curiosity and positive energy.

As the first multi-state, transmission-only electric utility in the nation, our employees are united in our purpose to operate the grid safely and reliably. We are curious, constantly innovating and advancing our business. And we are a team of great people who have fun and care about each other and what we do to help keep the lights on.

Career development

At ATC, you’ll put your skills to work immediately, contributing to the operation of the critical infrastructure that powers people’s lives. You will have the opportunity to grow by developing a personal development plan that may lead to new experiences and advancement within the company. Independent workers and innovative thinkers succeed here. We encourage our employees to approach their work with confidence and creativity.

Work-life balance

In today’s fast-paced world, there can be many demands on your time. Balancing work and family is challenging for many and is an important issue when choosing an employer. At ATC, our generous vacation allowance and paid time off for personal appointments help employees achieve that balance.

Diversity and inclusion

At ATC, we strive to create and maintain a diverse workforce. We recognize that there are many facets to diversity. We value employees’ unique contributions and work to create an environment of inclusion that respects and embraces diversity.

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Careers at American Transmission Co.

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The people who help keep the lights on: Crystal Koles