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Q&A: ATC-AEPCO team up under new ATC Southwest partnership

ATC Development Co., a branch of American Transmission Co., has a new partner in the southwestern U.S. ATC has entered into a joint operating agreement with Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO) to develop needed transmission projects in Arizona and throughout the Southwest.

The unique partnership, called ATC Southwest™, will benefit electric cooperatives and people who live in the region by developing options  to help address the demand for an affordable and reliable transmission system.

The partnership is more than five years in the making. Laurie Dunham, manager, business development, played a key role in facilitating a team of legal, finance, operations, compliance, planning and business development experts to meet the needs of both companies.

Dunham shared some insights regarding the new partnership:

Q: Why the southwestern U.S.?
Dunham: We see the Southwest as an area of growing opportunities. Population growth, a changing resource mix including solar and other renewables, and an evolving regulatory atmosphere all make it a rich environment for ATC Southwest to grow.

Q: What’s next?
Dunham: The next steps are already in progress. ATC Southwest™ has engineering studies underway to identify transmission solutions that address economic needs in the Southwest.

Q: How does this new partnership fit with ATC’s long-term goals?
Dunham: This is an affirmation of the extensive work we have been doing to form key relationships, and it is the next step in cultivating us as the premier energy partner in the United States.