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Why do power lines sag on hot days?

In hot weather, power lines can overheat just as people and animals do. The lines are often heavily loaded because of increased power consumption, and the conductors – which are generally made of copper or aluminum – expand when heated. That expansion increases the slack between transmission line structures, causing the lines to sag. Transmission […]

ATC, contractors restore power after summer storms

Summer storms entered southwest Wisconsin, impacting American Transmission Co.’s system June 28. The storms set an event record for ATC with 65 downed structures. ATC, Alliant Energy and contractors worked as one team to rebuild and restore power. Chris Dailey, team leader, transmission line maintenance, played an integral role in restoring power. He explains what […]

Kids learn while sauntering on the Ice Age Trail

At American Transmission Co., we care about the community and are committed to helping great organizations like The Ice Age Trail Alliance provide opportunities for kids to learn. The Alliance’s Summer Saunters program is a great way for kids to learn about Wisconsin’s glacial, cultural and natural history while hiking and exploring along the trail. […]

ATC helps ospreys take flight with nesting platforms

Nesting platforms provide a safe place to perch, and ospreys in central Wisconsin have a new place to do just that. American Transmission Co. recently donated two osprey platforms to The Feather Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center in New London, Wis. “We are happy to partner with The Feather Wildlife Rehabilitation Center because we care, […]

Update: Transmission system restoration in southwest Wisconsin

June 29, 4:55 p.m. MADISON, Wis. –   Crews are continuing restoration work on two 69-kilovolt lines that were damaged during June 28 storms in southwest Wisconsin. Restoration efforts are ongoing in the Village of Livingston and an area south of Cobb. There is a transmission-related power outage in Livingston. Because distribution wires are attached to […]