Energizing Your Future

Learn more about ATC’s Cristo Rey High School interns

High School interns interviewed about their experience at ATC so far

By Stephanie Hernandez

ATC interns from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School are settling in to their new roles and were recently asked why they wanted to attend a school with a work-study program. They all answered a similar thing: each student knew that this experience would help them in college and their careers. Sytlaly Guzman even added that “many of us are first generations in our family, so this is a great opportunity to set an example and prepare ourselves for our future.”

Martin Guerrero-Chavez works in the IT department helping them with inventory, cleaning equipment that is used, and learning how manage things on computers. One thing Martin appreciates from working here in that everyone is loving. Martin also included that his co-workers have taught him that he can still have a good time and get the job done. He even adds that this gives him motivation to do his work and get outside his comfort zone. Working at ATC has helped Martin learn about certain equipment and to be careful with personal information that is given. Martin knows that at times he might forget or misinterpret instructions but can always count on people around him for help.

Sophomore Sytlaly Guzman is spending her second year working in the human capital and facilities department. Sytlaly does a variety of things such as helping at the front desk, stocking coffee in kitchens or office supplies, and helps the department by filing contingent worker information. Sytlaly enjoys working here because as she states, “every time I walk in those doors, I feel welcomed. My office is filled with a lot of people who are available to answer any of my questions.” She gets multiple tasks throughout the day and completes them at her own pace. Sytlaly also mentions that working at ATC has helped her improve a lot with her communication skills and time management; furthermore, it has helped her break her comfort shell.

Maya Saavedra is a senior, and it is also her second year working with ATC at the Service Desk. She helps with wiping personal computers, imaging and re-imaging, wire maintenance, setting up new PC’s, and any other tasks she is given. One thing that Maya says she likes about working at ATC is the people she works with and how everyone is so friendly. Maya also adds that while working here, she has expanded her knowledge about troubleshooting and PC work. One of the things Maya struggled with the most was with the processes like imaging and re-imaging, but whenever she asked questions at the service desk, everyone was willing to help her.

As for myself, Stephanie Hernandez – I am a junior, who works with the corporate communications department. My tasks include media filing, drafting ideas for articles or writing articles, overseeing printed material inventory / supplies, attending meetings and helping with any other projects. I appreciate that everyone I work with is always positive, willing to help, and very welcoming. ATC has really helped improve my communication skills, especially with adults. I can now hold a conversation with someone and I am not afraid to ask for help. Additionally, I am improving my writing and editing skills.

I asked the interns to suggest a piece of advice they would give themselves on their first day working at ATC, and this is what they shared:

 “Pay attention and don’t be too nervous because everyone is very kind and willing to help” – Martin Guerrero-Chavez

“Don’t be so nervous to talk to people; they are always here to help you around the office. Just be confident and trust that your supervisors know the best for you and for your future.” – Sytlaly Guzman

“Be open to growth, ask for help when you need it and don’t be scared because everyone here is so welcoming and accessible. People care about you and want the best for you.” – Stephanie Hernandez

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions because everyone here wants to see you grow and succeed.” – Maya Saavedra

Stephanie Hernandez            Maya Saavedra              Sytlaly Guzman                    Martin Guerrero- Chavez