Energizing Your Future

ATC welcomes summer interns

If it seems like the parking lots at the Pewaukee, Madison Fen Oak and Cottage Grove offices are a little more full than usual lately, it’s because they are.

Twenty-one interns have started at the three American Transmission Co. offices since May 23 and come from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Some, like Brett B., system protection intern in Cottage Grove, and Margaret D., West Portfolio engineering intern in Madison, have worked for ATC in the past. Others like Mackenzie A., substation services intern in Pewaukee, are here for the first time.

Brett Beisbier

Brett B.

Brett is in his third year at ATC after spending last summer in Madison and a co-op in 2014. He is a senior electrical engineering major at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and in his first few weeks he has been working on validating relay settings for substations and understanding why some cap switchers operate more frequently than others.

He came back to ATC because of the people and the knowledge he gained in his first and second internships.

“I learned in my first co-op here that I was well ahead of my peers because of the information I’ve been getting here,” said Brett.

He plans to give ATC a “strong look” when he’s looking for a job next spring.

He advised new interns to ask as many questions as possible and get to know co-workers outside of work.

“No question is too big or too small,” said Brett. “Everyone here is more than helpful.”

Margaret Donnell

Margaret D.

Margaret is spending her summer in the Madison office after working in Pewaukee last year. She is majoring in civil engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison and will graduate in May 2017.

This summer she is working on transmission line projects in the West Portfolio after working on substation projects last summer.

“I really liked what I did last year and wanted to get a different perspective and see a new office,” said Margaret.

She said she would like to work in Wisconsin for a company where she can develop as an engineer after she graduates.

Her advice to interns is simple: “Carry around a note pad and write down any terminology you don’t understand so you can look it up later.”

Mackenzie A.

Mackenzie A.

Mackenzie, a senior electrical engineer at Valparaiso University, wants figure out if her future is in electrical or electronic engineering this summer.

She has been modeling ground grids to determine if they are safe for substations.

Mackenzie said she was attracted to ATC because of the location (she’s from the area) and the job duties meshed with her possible career aspirations.

She has enjoyed her first few weeks on the job, especially the people on her team.

“The people I work with are funny and easy to get along with,” said Mackenzie. “They’re checking up on me to make sure everything is going well.”

Be on the lookout for these key intern dates:

  • June 20 – Substation tour and presentation training
  • July 21 – United Way Intern Day of Action
  • August 8 to 9 – Intern presentations
  • August 17 – Intern Open House and Cookout