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ATC receives award for supporting programs at Milwaukee County Zoo

Now we know how big an elephant’s footprint really is. 2015_ZooAward_group-web The award even has a real African elephant footprint. We’re proud to support the important education and conservation work the Zoological Society of Milwaukee provides to the community.

Over the past decade, ATC has sponsored Party for the Planet, a two-day event that celebrates Earth Day and Migratory Bird Day. The event helps educate zoo visitors about environmental stewardship with fun, interactive activities. Our exhibit allows visitors to compare their wingspan to those of a bald eagle, whooping crane, osprey and black crow. ATC strives to minimize the impact that transmission line construction and operation have on wildlife throughout our service area with our Avian Protection program.2015_ZooAward_wingspan

Last year, a local Cub Scout troop helped Milwaukee County Zoo Forester Alex Krutsch and other volunteers plant more than 100 native trees and shrubs representing 13 different species on the zoo grounds. ATC provided the zoo with assistance for removing damaged vegetation and invasive species and replacing them with native trees and shrubs. Restoration of this area was done to help to diversify plant and animal species, improve air quality, reduce the zoo’s carbon footprint and enhance the beauty of the zoo. ATC supports the planting of trees and vegetation a safe distance from transmission lines to help ensure public safety and ensure electric system reliability. You can learn more about it by checking out our Grow Smart program.2015_ZooAward_CubScouts

Watch a short video to see the fun we had at the Zoo during Party for the Planet last year.