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An Idol connection: ATC employees’ son takes a step toward the big time

Joe Janowicz headshot

There’s a bit of a buzz going around American Transmission Co.’s De Pere, Wis., office that has nothing to do with the electric grid. ATC employees, Joe and Maria Janowicz, are the proud parents of talented singer/actor Jack Janowicz, who may just make it to the big stage at Hollywood Week on American Idol.

“It’s been a wild ride,” said Joe. “We were driving in the car one day when Jack said, ‘hey, I got an email from Idol. I made the cut!’” The family hadn’t known that Jack sent a video audition, let alone that it was good enough to avoid the cattle call and proceed to audition directly in front of the show’s executive producers in Omaha, Neb. After getting through two rounds with the producers, it was on to the celebrity judges.

Joe says Jack has displayed an unexpected talent for the arts all his life.

“We have videos of him dancing in-beat to music on the radio while wearing his diaper. He’s been singing as long as he could talk,” said Joe. “I’m not sure where he got it from, but we do know he is our kid. My dad likes to joke he had talent as a kid.”

Maria says it’s an experience he’ll never forget, topped off with high praise from star and Idol judge Jennifer Lopez. “When JLo met Jack, she told him some people don’t look the way they sound, but that Jack sounds exactly the way he looks. She said, ‘You have the whole package and I like it,’ while making a little box with her fingers. I told Jack if he ever has a bad day, JLo’s feedback should bring a smile to his face!”

While he can’t reveal his status on the show, fans online are buzzing with rave reviews of Jack’s singing and charisma, showcased on his YouTube channel. The Omaha auditions are scheduled to air Thursday, Jan. 30, from 7 to 8 p.m. We’ll be rooting for a powerful performance from Jack.