Energizing Your Future

A bird’s eye view of construction on the Zoo Interchange, Western Milwaukee County Electric Reliability projects

We’re continuing to make progress on the Zoo Interchange Project, a project to relocate seven overhead 138-kilovolt transmission lines to accommodate expansion and realignment of the interchange. Lattice structures are being replaced with 50 single pole structures, many of which have already been swapped out. The transmission lines west of the interchange were completed and placed into service in May.

Crews were hard at work in late August installing conductor (wires) on the transmission structures on the southern portion of the project. Construction on the lines south of the Zoo Interchange will continue through this fall and winter and will be placed into service this winter.
On the Western Milwaukee County Electric Reliability Project, crews are using wooden construction mats to protect the ground and wetlands from damage by heavy machinery as they work to install transmission foundations and structures along the portion of the line that runs along Underwood Creek Parkway.
Duct instillation work for the underground portion of the line should be completed in September. Foundation work and pole setting for the overhead portion of the project will continue this fall, with wire stringing occurring in late fall. The project is on track to be placed into service in spring 2015.