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ATC Video Bridge overview

What is ATC Video Bridge?

American Transmission Co.  provides audio, video, and content meeting services powered by Microsoft Skype technology – these services are a great way to meet and collaborate with ATC team members from anywhere. However, many organizations have invested in video conferencing solutions such as Cisco, Polycom, and LifeSize – the ATC Video Bridge allows you to join a Skype meeting hosted by ATC using these video conferencing products.

Technical requirements

In order to connect to the ATC Video Bridge, you must have a video conferencing system which is configured to communicate to other companies over the internet. If your video conferencing system is only allowed to connect to rooms or devices within your organization, odds are it will not work with this service. When in doubt, ask your technology support team and verify that your system can communicate over H.263 or SIP. We support both.

Connecting to a meeting

The process begins when an ATC team member sends you an email invitation to a meeting, which will include the information shown here. All you need to connect is the Conference ID, which in this case is 12345. Now, using your video conferencing system’s console, connect to ATC by entering the number 70 followed by the conference ID and the web address, as shown here: Some video conferencing systems need to use a numeric address instead – if that is true for your system, simply use the following address in its place:

70<your conference ID>@

What else does Video Bridge do?

Once connected to the ATC Video Bridge, you can share audio and video, and also see digital content shared by the meeting organizer such as presentation materials, pictures or documents. If your video conferencing solution provides similar functionality, you may be able to share materials with meeting participants as well.

I’m having a problem – now what?

Having a technology problem right before a meeting is set to begin can be frustrating – we understand. In order to minimize the chance of this happening, we strongly recommend coordinating a test with ATC prior to your first use of the service to ensure everything is working smoothly – every organization’s technology is different. However, if you do find yourself in a tough situation, we recommend either using the link provided in the meeting details to join the meeting from your web browser, or simply calling the number provided to join the audio portion of the meeting.


If you have already worked with your technology support team and need help using this service, please contact the ATC Service Desk at or 608-877-8182. A technology support professional will contact you as soon as we can.