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ATC right-of-way use request

ATC’s high-voltage electric lines are located in both urban and rural areas. In many cases, ATC does not own the land on which the facilities are located but has easement rights for the specific purpose of constructing, operating and maintaining the line. Easement rights are legal recorded documents found in the landowners title to their property.

ATC restricts the use of its electric line rights-of-way for purposes other than electric transmission to protect ATC facilities and ensure the reliability and safety of the electric grid.

Prior to making any changes to the topography/grade of the right-of-way on their property or constructing any improvements within it (also known as an Encroachment), property owners must obtain written permission from ATC (some examples are putting up a shed, fence, landscaping, driveway, etc.). Property owners should contact ATC even if they have an approved permit from the city or county, as failure to obtain prior approval from ATC could result in the removal of the encroachment at the property owner’s expense.

You can review the guide, Work Performed within ATC Right-of-Way, to learn about minimum design, construction and safety requirements for construction activities performed near ATC overhead and underground high-voltage electric facilities and/or within ATC rights-of-way by property owners.

Encroachment requests and associated documentation must be submitted to ATC in writing. ATC will respond to encroachment requests within 30 business days of receiving the request. ATC will evaluate requests to:

  • Determine whether the request is permitted under the terms of the easement;
  • Ensure the proposed request would not violate electrical code compliance;
  • Ensure access to and the safety and integrity of the ATC’s facilities.

Click here to download a printable encroachment request form that can be filled out and mailed or faxed or click here to open a fillable PDF that can completed, saved and emailed. If you have any questions, please contact