Energizing Your Future

System operations

ATC operates the electric transmission system from two system operations centers. From these centers, we monitor and operate the flow of electricity over more than10,081 miles of transmission lines and through more than 582 electric substations in our service area. The control centers are staffed 24 hours a day to ensure the safety, reliability and availability of the transmission system for our customers. Our customers are energy producers and power distribution companies, who count on us to provide the pathways for power to their end users.

Our priorities: Safety, reliability, availability

The sophisticated computer systems at our operations centers allow us to monitor the status of our transmission lines and substations. We coordinate forced and planned outages with our customers to ensure it’s done safely, and we monitor the physical security of the equipment from our operations centers.

At the operations centers, electric system reliability is among our top priorities. Within seconds of an outage, the board lights up, pinpointing the area in trouble. Our operators respond with appropriate actions to isolate the problem and take corrective action to avoid or minimize any interruption of power.

Our system operators are in contact with customers daily to understand their transmission needs and make sure our system is available to deliver energy when and where it’s needed. We use various technologies and systems to prepare for, avoid and respond to energy situations. We also monitor the weather closely to prepare for approaching conditions.