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Practicing safety makes perfect sense

ATC and its partners implement and sustain world-class safety practices that ensure the safety and health of its employees, contractors, our customers and the public.

Excavator safety crucial near overhead, underground transmission lines

Our 2016 Excavator Safety video below demonstrates how we work safely near underground transmission lines and fiber optic lines.

Our 2011 Excavator Safety video below demonstrates how we work safely near overhead lines.

For more information on how to work safely around the transmission system, or to schedule an ATC representative to speak to your group, email

ATC compliant with arc-flash hazard safety requirements

ATC complies with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin’s requirement for electrical equipment owners to assess the arc-flash hazards of their equipment and the various exposures of employees to a potential arc. We make this information available to those who need it, and it can be found on the Working with us page.