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Positive Energy

Help create some Positive Energy in your community

We all know it’s a good idea to keep our distance these days— it’s how we help keep each other safe. At American Transmission Co., we also believe it’s important and possible to continue to support the needs in our community.

Many nonprofits are suffering, experiencing both decreased donations and fewer volunteers for hands-on help. ATC cares about the community, and since the pandemic started, we have committed more than $150,000 to organizations for COVID-related causes throughout our service area in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan that are helping our community members weather this storm. The pandemic clearly has impacted all the good people who typically get out and support nonprofits, and individuals who normally are active volunteers may find themselves volunteering less because they’re not aware of low contact or contact-free volunteer opportunities.

That’s why ATC is working with radio stations in the Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee communities to promote the spirit of volunteerism – safely. This effort, called ATC Positive Energy, connects charitable organizations who have a need for volunteers with individuals in the community looking to volunteer.

Are you an organization in need of volunteers? Are you an individual interested in safely volunteering for organizations in your community? Use the links below to access or promote volunteer opportunities in the Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee communities.

Together we can help create some Positive Energy to brighten our communities. 

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American Transmission Co is an essential service. We work 24/7 help to help keep the lights on, businesses running and communities strong through our network of nearly 10,000 miles of electric transmission lines in the Upper Midwest. The transmission grid is the pathway that moves electricity from where it’s generated to communities where it’s used.