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Badger Coulee transmission line placed in service

Line will deliver reliability, economic and renewable energy benefits MADISON, Wis. – The Badger Coulee transmission line, which electrically connects the Dane County area with La Crosse County area, is energized and now part of an integrated electric system serving customers in the region. The line will help ensure reliable electricity for the region and […]

Sharing our gratitude with the community

We are thankful for organizations in the community who help care for people in need, and we like to lend a hand when we can to support great programs and show how much we care. While we were preparing for our own Thanksgiving meals and traditions, a group of employees volunteered to help United Way […]

We salute our active military employees

In honor of Veterans Day, we salute our active military employees for their commitment to serve our country as well as American Transmission Co. It takes spirit and dedication to successfully balance military duties, civilian work, personal and family life, and we appreciate our employees who do. Helping a squadron of 500 work together System […]

Game changer: Youth mountain biking offers participation for all

Think about the last time you attended a high school athletic game. There are the familiar scenes – the fans, the concession stand, the coaches, the players on the court or out on the field. But take a closer look. Do you see them? The players on the far end of the bench. Do they […]

Melinda Myers showcases how to Grow Smart® for pollinator migration

The Monarch butterflies have begun their annual migration from Wisconsin to central Mexico, where they will spend the winter. Did you know that Monarchs: …Fly 50 miles per day for approximately 1,500 miles to get to their winter home? …Need an abundance of nectar in the fall to supply them with the energy they need […]